Mr. Black Tie visits Project Pie (Pieology) in MGM Grand

MGM Grand, 3799 South Las Vegas Blvd.,

MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 463-6200

It’s one of the newest boys on the pizza block in Sin City. With it being full of pizza heritage, Project Pie is making statement of what’s good pizza. And from the crew’s response, both pizzas we had were fantastic plus, their good drinks. Ah the drinks, they have their own special selection of Boulan brand Soda Pop. Derived from New Jersey, all the way to Vegas and they’re other locations such as in California. The Pizzas we had were a #6 which was one BBQ chicken, with fresh pineapples, cheese melted in all the right places, on flat bread with thin crust to a crisp perfection. And a #2 with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and meatballs also on a flat bread with thin crust, crisp to a perfection.

Written By: Mr. Black Tie

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