Bandito, It’s Stealing The Title of Best Mexican Food in Sin City

img_20170921_141602tryHave you ever tasted good Guacamole? I’m willing to bet Sin City style you haven’t tasted the very best until you go Bandito. Bandito is the new Mexican food and Cantina that opened on Flamingo. It seems to be taking the place of what used to be Tequila. But for those of you who were fans of Tequila, do not worry. Bandito is definitely picking up where Tequila left off!
We started our lunch with chips and house made salsa. We (myself and The Socialite DJ) then went into our lunch course, with a small selection of their of Tacos, (Chicken, Pork, Fish, Octopus, and Beef) with house made tortillas, and  fresh house made Guacamole. img_20170921_141453try

The house Guac was made to perfection with a serving of Roasted Serrano Peppers, Red Onion, Cilantro, Cotija cheese, and Heirloom cherry tomatoes all freshly made right out of their Kitchen. I have tasted good, but now, I have tasted the best of the best.

Their unique style and taste for making tacos is well; It’s a blast of raw flavors. Flavors such as the braised Octopus,(with pickled fennel, avocado, radish) or the roasted chicken, heirloom tomatoes, tinga sauce, and shallots). The braised Octopus was one my favorites. But the baja fish (white fish (grilled or fried) cabbage, carrots, and citrus), was definitely img_20170921_141443trysecond best on the menu, the beef barbacoa (with tomatillo salsa, pico de gallo, and green onions) wasn’t that bad either. Six Tacos brilliantly made by the unique staff in the kitchen filled me. Well four of the six tacos was more than enough lol. I have to say it was just lunch, but my stomach felt like it had a full course meal of food! But please as I said, I bet on it you will enjoy the magic that is being served at Bandito!! 


Written By: Freedom Mercado

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