Today was very unexpected ,due to the fact I was just going for walk in the Arts District .Until I had the pleasure to stop to by the New Coffee spot. Called C3 Coffee Co and I was in for a surprised by the Coffee and Staff. What I found out about them was pretty impressive.

A Coffee Company based out of South Carolina that believes that People Matter.  All People Matter.  They are a non profit and exist to love people and help build communities.

The goal is to love people with no strings attached, whether it’s through conversations and relationships or through financial partnerships, They believe that loving people with no strings attached can help make the communities around us better.

(Get this ) They take all of the profit and all of the donations and use them to support and assist people and causes all over SC, DTLV, Africa, Dominican Republic and anywhere in between.

Now about the Coffee lol . I was blown away that they are brewing strong flavored Coffee. I have been in Sin city for minuteand well. Sin City was nevered knwon for Brewing and Coffee until now. Recently there has been a up rise in ” Coffee Lounges and Shops. Whats Coolbeans about C3 Coffee Co they are doing it with a serious goal.

They are brewing intentional with their coffee sourcing to ensure that every bean imported is ethically sourced and traceable to the farm and families that it came from.

Coffee culture is important to them, and wants to help make the coffee industry sustainable from the farmer to the customer. That alone is a goos reason to check out the spot , but if that isnt try out the Coffee , true Coffee drinks their Coffee Black ..we also call it a “Cup of Joe “. But I wont go into all that right now lol. Until Next Time ..grab some Coffee and help out the Community at the same time much love and respect!

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