Coffee Grounds Back On Air Las Vegas Radio News Paper

Here We Go , I can’t Believe what’s been going on Air ! So Much has happen since new management took over TheCaffeineRadio . The Moment I actually felt back home on the Air.Well I just went back to doing what I do best , well at least I hope that’s what everyone feels about me lol . I have to admit things have change in the Talk Radio Industry. There is a lot Ladies and Gents doing Talk Radio. I had no idea the of the growth of Talk Radio which Includes Blogging now. Seriously everyone thinks they can do a better show than the next Radio Personality . I have to admit I’m loving this , Makes me get back into the Industry with mad game plan.

Which I have had for a minute just didn’t think ever have the opportunity to use it! But know returning to on air for The Caffeine Radio. In some way though I really never left the Industry on some level. Just been blogging mostly and well vlogging as they call it lol. Coffee Grounds has been inthe scene in one way or another. But Thank Tommy Wilroku Editor -N-Chief of LasVegasRadioNewsPaper I was asked to bring back Coffee Grounds back on Air on not just one station but two! Freaking why not right ??? , That would be stupid of me not to lol. So as I made my way back on the Air something have had change in my life. Im doing alot more or Writing and Vlogging .A lot more than I have done in a long time , actually a lot more fun than before! check out TheBlogger a new project I am doing which a lot of Ladies and Gents are loving! But I am here for you Caffeine NUTS ! I couldn’t of done any of this without you! So I as I said i have been doing some vlogging Branding Coffee Grounds through Vid’s .

Mr. black tie

Mr.BlackTie Newest Show of Coffee Grounds witht Music Production by The Socialite DJ !

Posted by Colored People Magic on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Things have change for Coffee Grounds due to Sponsors and Supporters! Like getting support from Jacquard and DeityMicrophones . They have made the show go to the next level of performance. I can’t believe how things went so fast into a better production. Setting high standards of performance. It was also thanks to Loews and London Suits . Supporting Coffee Grounds to push forward into everything that’s coming forward into a new world of Interviews and Blogs. This isn’t a long Blog , don’t need to be I have a lot of Blogging to do as well as Vlogging. I want to thank everyone for their support ! Much love and respect Ladies and Gents.

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