Coffee Grounds goes Open House with Shape at The NAB Show

Bringing Back Coffee Grounds back to its roots has been one of the best ideas I had in a long time lol! I love Coffee and Writing and traveling and learning etc! strangely enough, I was going to quit due to the lack of knowing where to Improve on everything I had been doing. But That’s has changed due to going to The NAB Show.

And One of the Companies that has changed the game for me in Blogging is Deity Microphones. I have been doing interviews with just my phone lol. Thanks to Deity Microphones things have change majorly.

Which was great for me since I just return to doing yet another interview with shape! My First Interview going to The Nab Show was a year ago. I had done an interview which at the time was their 2o year anniversary!

I’m was so nervous when I did this interview lol, I felt so like out of place. Here I’m interviewing Shape One of the Top Companies for Camera Rigs and Cameras! Here I doing an Interview with just my Phone lol. I was felt so Immediate by the whole scenario. But I came to The NAB Show to raise the level of My Career and Service Which included my knowledge! So here I was doing it, pushing what I knew how to do. But things change this year at The NAB Show. I came knowing what I need to know and learn from The NAB Show! Which paid off Big Time thanks to Learning about marketing not with just every company but with the right company for the service I looking to do with. Such as Deity they have truly up my game on performance.

This Interview was going to be more cleary as well just more easy on the ear. It was easier to be focused on the person I was interview now. I had the Opportunity to interview Shape once more! This time I knew what my direction was going to be! I also knew everything was going to be different due to what I Learn from the last NAB Show. I was not afraid of the Bigger Companies and afraid of asking questions. I was ready to go for it! I learn that Professional Bloggers especially those successful made it very clear Authenticity of Production makes a difference to the Audience and the Sponsors!

I learn also that one can do Professional work with ones phone is one has the equipment. I learned that while interviewing Shape this year at The NAB Show! I also have learned more this year that the last lol. I want to thank a lot of my supporters who made it possible to get there as well! I hope you and everyone enjoy the Newest Issue of Coffee Grounds! Much love to Londons Suits! Lowes! Deity ! and to Shape I enjoyed having yet another moment of learning! Until the nest Issue of Coffee Grounds!

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