I had The Pleasure to Reunite with Master Chef Ehjiaue , she is Known by her Sauces, ” Freedom There are Five mother sauces include which is bĂ©chamel sauce, veloutĂ© sauce, brown or Espagnole sauce, Hollandaise sauce and tomato sauce. I’m known to challenge them all and twist them into something and daring ”, If I take you under my wing once more this time there is no quitting ” – Master Chef Ehjiaue #cheflife #foodie #foodblogger #cheflife #sauces

It was a cool morning of sorts, the sauce I came up with to dip the chopped-up turkey was honey based and bourbon with brown sugar oh i forgot to mention the cream on the breast is what I creamy delight (a mixture of claim and oyster 

I learned so much that week with her …

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