Coffee Grounds …. ( The First )

This a Show about My Lost , Jamie Frost ….who left me long ago.This was The reason I went into doing a show realtionship's and why Im on the Air. I did Love Jamie and always will …But I finally have moved on …I wish her well …

Posted by Freedom Mercado on Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To The Official Zine of Coffee Grounds , and this was the start of everything for me.. It was a love story that became just that; A story. So long ago. The pain is no Longer there, but the adventure did begin from this very moment. It was my dream to have the ability to share my experience and knowledge.

As well bring other’s out about and let everyone know they are not alone. WE all make mistakes, and in due time I wanted to figure out why we do those things and such. I loved Jamie Frost, but did I love her enough to chase her down and prove how much I loved her? No, of course not. I figured she didn’t love me enough to stay and figure things out.

Why should I.. See I could go, could’ve or she should bullshit lol. What I did figure out though I needed to search  out why we do the things we do in the name of love. I’m so tired of not knowing or feeling empty at moments. Knowing I’m not the only one person out there searching for answers. While thus for many who are dealing with what style they call being in a relationship to trying to do a professional career. For many of us we want both, for many so can’t handle it, while others plainly cheat to just lies as well. I never understood why would one lie to that person they supposedly loved or cared about? And  the list goes on with why I created this, Coffee Grounds. I could go on and on, but truly I don’t. I have been asked so many times what is Coffee Grounds about? Well here is the starting point of it all, well the video part anyway lol . Much Love and Respect.

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