Coffee Grounds ” Mr.BlackTie Taste One of Hong Kong’s Very Best in Milk Tea ” Lan Fang Yuen “!

Well I had no Idea that my day was going to in riched with Sweet and Strong Flavors of Tea From Across the globe! Thanks to the World Tea Expo I was Introduced to the very finest tea that is one the planet. I had no idea the level tea brew master’s go through to just get the right auruma to to taste. I have to admit I have been a Coffee Man since my early teens.But Now thanks to the World Tea Expo thats has seriously change in some ways now!

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As I stated , I had know Idea I was going to be tasting some of the very best brews of tea. But by chance and luck , someone called into my show live and told me about The World Tea Expo! I rushed out the station ,well after my morning show was over of course! I was excited and full of curiosity , who could Tea be on any level as my Favorite Caffeine of all Coffee? Well when arrived late of course .Ughhh I was so disappointed to find out this was the last day! Ughhh I felt like I had let down all the Caffeine Lovers across the globe. But I knew nothing about tea though , yet my friends changes that will change in seconds. After I was given my Press Pass I want into world of Tea. My first taste of smooth flavors ,began with Lan Fong Yuen . It was full of taste that I truly didn’t think tea cold have such flavors for ones tongue. I was shock by what a little container can have such a good punch!But finding out more about Lan Fong Yuen well it made sense to me.

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Lan Fong Yuen has been around since 1952, and is considered one of the oldest — and most famous — Hong Kong style cafes in the city. It is also widely said to have invented Hong Kong’s ubiquitous ‘silk stocking’ milk tea, where a smooth powdered black tea blend is brewed and strained through long, pantyhose-like nets before evaporated milk and sugar is added. A good cup of nai cha is strong, with faint floral undertones from the tea blend and a silky mouthfeel thanks to lashings of evaporated milk (typically the Black & White brand).

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I was simply wowed by the taste , and wondering why it isn’t here in Las Vegas ? If it is I will find out where can i find it and be on with the Heavens! Lan Fong Yuen’s milk tea is typically enjoyed piping hot with their just-as-iconic pork chop bun (another cha chaan teng staple) and toasted condensed milk bun. They have two outlets in Hong Kong. Their crammed original shop at Gage Street in the Central area retains its dai pai dong (open-air food stall) roots, while their second branch is located at the basement of the historical Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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I do hope in some time soon before the Year is up I will get the chance to not just going to Hong Kong.But taste Lan Fong Yuen at it’s original Cafe , where it all started. I do know however is Sold At 7-Eleven Singapore & FairPrice Supermarkets! It would a Brilliant move for 7-Eleven to have Lan Fong Yuen in the all of their stores in the United States!

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