Finding Balance with Oneself ..

Every Morning I try to find Inner Peace from within. I let my Spirit flow where it needs to flow. I try keep to myself , stay focused on what I need in my self. I’m starting to see I need to be focused my chi. Everyday I see what other try to hide , negativity energy. Spewing and yelling.

Being what they think is being the man lol! Its not my path nor i ever wanted that kind of path in fron of me. I think it the most ugly thing a person can be honestly. I sort was on that past in my younger years. I cant stand the way I might of treated people. It was wrong for me to be that way , making other’s feel small.

It’s not the way nor it should ever be that way. A man isnt a man by doing that to anyone woman or man. Im no preacher , nor trying to be. I just know what i want to be in life , pure positive energy.

I like that feeling of being a positive flow and hopefully that will be consumed by other to want to be a positive flow of energy to someone else as well ! Until next Brew..

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