5 reasons why you should be part of a Coworking Space.

Like working from home…but better.


A new type of office, but also a new type of networking. Coworkings are being used by more than 3.1 million people around the world. But more than 6 million were estimated in 2019 to be part of one by 2022, according to a report by Global Coworking Unconference Conference.1

This tendency will just keep growing, and only for the best, as many places are being more flexible and creative as they learn more about the consumer and improve the services and office spaces.

Chef MitchEarl of GreenSideUp getting ready to do another show of Harvest Hangout

So here are the 5 reasons why you should consider join one of this spaces:


There’s no better way to make something happen than meeting the right person, and if it’s in a relaxed time it is even better. There are apps designed for Coworkings now that would allow this networking to happen smoother.

Meeting rooms:

Yes, working from home is nice, but presencial meetings are back, mask or no mask, people are eager to meet again (in case you haven’t noticed), so, you sure want to avoid showing your personal space to others, we’ve shared enough personal life through Zoom already. So take a look at Meeting rooms in Coworkings, start looking cool at your meetings, most places will rent a Meeting room even if you are not a member.

Service, Move-in ready:

You just pay, they will do the rest for you, from cleaning the space, having water, coffee, snacks for you, giving you wifi service, printers, even having people take messages for you and more, if you ask them nicely. The good life. And the contracts are normally for short periods, even month to month.


Rhea Waston aka The Scholarship Doctor having Book Signing Event ! see more here The Doctor of Scholarships

Coworkings constantly plan different events with different objectives from social to professional, but just by being surrounded by a diversity of people, curiosity starts to rise and conversations start to get more and more interesting, you start forming a community and movement starts happening, leading to more personalized gatherings, with clear and focused outcomes. Many would also be open to the public.


According to more people studying this phenomenon 89% of people feel happier after joining.2 But who wouldn’t, with all the benefits we’ve mentioned, and some places even offer places to relax too, like the new spot Comuna Coworking Space in Las Vegas (Latin women owned, check them out -> www.comunacowork.com), they have a nice Yoga Room where their members could go just for a few minutes and meditate, or have a quiet moment and stretch a little.

Radio Perosnality Dj Freedom Mercado host his podcast ! Coffee Grounds

EXTRA REASON: DAY PASS! This one is amazing for Nomads or business travelers, most of the places would have this option, where you can just try single days without having to pay for a full month but still enjoy most of the benefits.

Even some people that go to a regular office would choose to go to a Coworking every now and then to feel a different environment.

Normally everything we need is already out there, you just have to open your eyes, Coworkings are definitely a great opportunity to be more productive and just be more amazing, because you can still shine more.

So go shine, keep exploring what else you can reach out there, look for smart tools that help you make your path easier and fun.

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