As I made my way downtown by passing The Art Factory ( Long live the Legends ) I was making my way to one of the hottest spots for up coming Designer’s and Artists alike. Fergusons Downtown , where I have been blessed to be part of the starting point of it all. I was one of the few Djs who was able to have Djed at Fergusons Downtown Market alley . Before the other side of it it finished there was just the Market Alley. Which was just Brilliant as Fergusons Downtown , yet things have changed since those times of what I call the golden area of creativity for the Art.

Now Fergusons Downtown is flourishing with being a city block rooted in community and believe the local creative’s of Las Vegas are the heartbeat of this city. Which is freaking bloody Brilliant , Currently, They have 13 shops inside Fergusons Downtown, 8 micro studio shops inside Gather House, 7 local chefs & all the popups at Vegas Test Kitchen. Almost every one of Their current shop owners started with us at Market in the Alley and grew their business to a point they all dream of- a need for a brick-and-mortar storefront! While some have been with them since opening day in 2019, others have outgrown their space within one year, and new neighbors have moved in! As I said Just Simply Bloody Brilliant !!! Well As I said I was making my way to Fergusons Downtown event, it was Celebrating International Woman Day! There I had the pleasure of tasting AHIMSA ROOTS.

It was my first time tasting anything such as Ahimsa Root’s , or anything known as a wellness shots. Ahimsa Roots have four Flavors , My taste was more for the one called Mom’s Remedy.

Ahimsa Roots

There was plenty of Drinks and Food there. I was in search of things that my reader’s would appreciate. Like these very cool crystal’s and raw rocks from The Woven Willow I believe. There was plenty of more to talk about and cover. So much love from the stores and other vendors that come and go !

The Woven Wilow
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