Is Your Man a Good Lover ?

As I start another production of my morning show, which many of you already know is Coffee Grounds; Which once was being hosted at IHOP, things are getting more serious! My listeners are asking for advice on relationships and sex. It’s no secret, I’ve had a lot of experience with women, a lot. The majority of them stunning, beautiful, sexy women.

I’m no Romeo or Don Juan, I’ve blown some really good relationships. You might even say that’s the reason why I started Coffee Grounds. So that’s why I’ve been persistent in trying to understand relationships, trying to help others as well as myself.

From friendly tips on dating to sexual advice. As a matter of fact, just this morning I was asked by many listeners on Facebook a very interesting question. How does a female truly know if her man is a good lover?

Any woman with experience will say as long as the man has a penis, she can make do. But that doesn’t make him a good lover. So many women asking the same question from New York, Chicago, Sin City…

Well, a good sign is when your man is concerned about you, such a good lover would know to make a point of pressing, touching, licking, kissing the areas of a woman’s body so that she’s enraptured and turns her eyes. A majority of women with experience know they can give themselves all the good loving they want and need with little help from their male lover. One should understand the sensations of clitoral stimulation. It’s probably the most sensitive nerve center of a woman’s body. For a male lover to be good, he must be able to do more than kiss and lick. He should know how to position himself and his female lover.

Just like enjoying a good Oreo cookie, one could just bite into it, or open the Oreo and savor the taste of sweet perfection. It’s the same for a male lover to treat his female counterpart. He should take his time and savor her sweetness. A good lover must understand this. Mentally and spiritually, when one understands both of these, the physical part is the easiest.

Position yourself between her legs so you can cover her clitoris. A master of the clit knows that just by breathing a certain way on the clitoris can give multiple, powerful sensations to your lover. If one doesn’t know how to do this, this is how; (stroke your tongue upward to and all over the shaft and head of the clit. Simply lick or suck (only if you’re ready for that). Some who are really good can nibble which causes sensations quickly throughout the female body.) One can stimulate each side of the clitoris in turn. Remember, try to work from the base to the top. My preference is slow, feather like strokes on the head of the clitoris and flicking the underside from side to side, remember with the tip of your tongue.

If you can, get imaginative and creative, breathe heavily on the clitoris as you kiss and lick. It will give your lover maximum pleasure, and if your lover doesn’t do anything like what I’ve described, then you ladies already know the answer to the question. But yet there is hope for your man. Touch him, get him a book, video or magazines. Or perhaps a new lover? The final decision is either stay or learn. I hope this helps Ladies and Gents. Remember, it’s all about the little steps…

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