Our approach to working with Community Organizations and Non-profits

You could also call this 'Tell us what you need', "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." This is the place to have more of talking about what drives you and your business, and what's unique about your process. And from here is where we help you take control of your dreams, goals, or even just being your own stepping stones into a bright future. From just doing a DJ set for your event to helping your dream start from the ground up. Coffee Grounds Inc.'s founder and his associates are not just willing to move forward, they will even take lead for you. "You have more important things such as making the capital to keep the dream alive!"

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where you talk about yours. People want to know what opportunity you saw or how your passion led to the creation of something new. Talk about your roots--people wanna know you have some.

It's not about me, it's about what I can do for you. Need  something to entertain the employees who make your business thrive or your guest coming to your event? To help both your crew as well as customer service? Before we even go into prices or logistics, I want to know, why are you doing this? What is your drive? Because I need to know who I am doing business with. It's a human thing, I take pride in my work and I want to care as for your company as you do. If you can get me to care as much as you do for your company, your business will succeed!

Non Profits


Outreach Vocal

Outreach Vocal's founder Mr. Cornelius Lott had done everything possible the right of starting a non profit organization. By getting an elite group of unique and talented ladies and gents to be on the board as members. Approved by the state as any non profit organization must be. Yet as time progressed, that's all he had accomplished. (Which is a great deal set, if you knew how much it cost to become a non profit company.) This had been a dream for Lott, but nothing was happening. As time went by, he befriended Freedom Mercado aka Mr. Black Tie. Through out several conversations Mr. Black Tie found out about Outreach Vocal. They had many more conversations, and thus began the movement forward for Out Reach Vocal. Freedom Mercado figured out Outreach Vocal's biggest issue. They didn't have a website for one, and they didn't have a company logo. Besides that they didn't have a single social media page for anyone to know what was going on with Outreach Vocal. Outreach Vocal didn't have the necessities to move forward. Mr. Black Tie did however, and he brought two of his people on to help. First he brought his partner The Socialite DJ to design a simple, yet complex website for Outreach Vocal, as well he was getting Outreach Vocal set up on Facebook. While these two things were in motion, he brought in a long time good friend who is a logo master and founder of Rebrand on to design Outreach Vocal's logo.This all happened within a few short weeks of getting Outreach Vocal a foundation.

Next Steps...

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