Jean Phillippe on The Vegas Strip …

659f8f_7524a627f5bc49e38db341514b4aa654mv2 Being a serious contender on tasting the very best of the best, I have to admit Jean Philippe is one of the very best. I’m so glad I could taste some of the very best chocolates, gelato and my favorite coffee. It would seem that Jean Philippe knows his coffee (go figure?).

From what I’ve found out, Chef Jean Philippe had a passion of sweet seduction with cakes due to his aunt who wasn’t a chef, but she loved to make delicious cakes during his younger years.659f8f_7387bcf8cfea4b1b95a9de5620ffa5c5mv2

From what I’ve tasted, visiting there several times and can promise more visits, Jean Philippe Patisserie is a hot spot. There’s a reason why it’s always busy. It’s a perfect spot for caffeine lovers!

Written By: Mr. Black Tie

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