Mr. Black Tie Flock and Fowl Equals Liquid Jazz and Legendary Chicken and Rice..


Flock and Fowl was born in 2015 from with a obsession of serving you the perfect plate of chicken and rice. They  only cook what they would serve to their own family. They believe what you eat should be natural, pure and fresh. They make all of their own sauces in house, including 2 different soy sauces for your eating pleasures. They do not use MSG. The source is only the best produce and use organic ingredients as much as possible. I have never imagined I would be an addict to Chicken and Rice until I taste Flock and Fowl!

DJing at Flock and Fowl with Bartender Adam Rains !But with such a great Chef at the whelm such as Chef Sheridan Su; Born in Chinatown, Los Angeles and raised in Monterey Park, CA. Growing up in an area considered by many gourmands as home to some of the finest Asian restaurants in the world, this was a giant playground for his culinary beginnings. Since a child, Sheridan has had a fascination with taste and the transformation of ingredients, leading a very natural path to becoming a Chef. Upon graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Sheridan embarked on a culinary journey that has shaped who he is today. He has spent time in the acclaimed kitchens of Ambrosia on Huntington in Boston, Atelier in New York, and Sona in Los Angeles.

Here in Las Vegas, he has been on the opening teams of prestigious restaurants including, Joël Robuchon at the Mansion, Social House, Wazuzu, and as Executive Chef at Comme Ça. 

In 2011, Sheridan opened his first project, Great Bao, a small cafe along with a gourmet food truck, with his wife, Jenny Wong. There they introduced steamed sandwiches and noodle dishes to great acclaim. In 2013, the success of the first project rolled over to Fat Choy, an Asian American diner. Fat Choy has been featured on the Food Network, NY Times, USA Today and many other media outlets. 2015, the couple opened Flock & Fowl, honoring one of their favorite comfort foods, Hainanese Chicken Rice. In 2017, the locals love for chicken rice led to the opening of Flock & Fowl Downtown. In 2018, Sheridan was nominated for Best Chef: West from the James Beard Foundation. 

When given the opportunity to bring some Liquid Jazz to the home front at Flock and Fowl, I knew it was going to have to be a good mix of soft and hypnotic beats. It was going to have to be a different form than the other gigs I have done.

Due to the style as such as the place, it’s in an entirely different atmosphere from most other spots I’ve spun at. More laid back and chill, any great resturant should be right? So that’s what I gave em’, that style of music, and with The Socialite DJ, we killed every night we were there! From doing Fridays to Saturdays! I enjoyed the three months of residency there! 

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