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cam04461Pot Liquors has to be one of the coolest restaurants that I have ever eaten at. I mean really. They’re a BBQ restaurant but not a traditional BBQ. Their BBQ has a bit of everyone’s BBQ involved with a twist of their own style. They did not want to go with just one traditional style of BBQ, which make since to me; Because some people become very touchy and offensive if it isn’t done the correct way.
Starting just 3 year ago with his business partner Flip, Chef Doug was able to open Pot Liquors which has only been open officially for 1 1/2 year. But don’t worry, Chef Doug has over 20years of cooking experience so the man known his way around the kitchen.cam04459
Chef Doug originally went to college to study environmental science but then thought, “What the hell am I doing” Lol. Which is what I thought of after he said what he was originally in school for. I mean the man was clearly put here for us all to enjoy his delicious food. Especially his house made corn bread!
With 7 years cooking on the Las Vegas Strip in places such as, New York New York, Palms, and the Mandalay Bay at some of the most high end Steak houses, I have no idea what this man was doing being in college for environmental science. Lol
But when he did realize what he was doing and coming to his senses, he took it to the road. After finishing culinary school at New England Culinary MA Belmont he spent 2 months traveling the U.S. Tasting all different styles of BBQ and food from everywhere! Traveling from East to West just enjoying the foods cities had to offer.
When he finally settled down, he tried to open his first restaurant. At 22 years old, he opened his first restaurant. Which unfortunately did not work out to well. And thus how he began working for the Steak Houses in casinos and hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. After generating a new plan, getting back in contact with Flip, they decided to try again. This time older, wiser, and more prepared.
Mr. Black Tie and I definitely enjoyed his story and more importantly the food. We started off with Burnt Ends which is served with their house made pickles and house made BBQ sauce.Then going into the meal, he brought out a platter! OMG the food looked beyond delicious. On this platter it had their BBQ baby back ribs, because a BBQ just isn’t a BBQ without them, nor Spare Ribs. (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy that part of the meal due to me not eating pork, but the look in my Mr. Black Tie’s eyes after tasting the food, well… I got the heaviness of it. Lol)12788037_1263139990366469_856811467_n Also there was smoked Chicken, and smoked Brisket.Now usually I do not like everyone’s chicken, because some cook it too dry. But this chicken, was moist, delicious and cooked to perfection. And the Brisket with their house made sauce… Don’t get me started. I could go on for days about that. Lol. For the sides there was Collard Greens (which I couldn’t eat due to pork, which was upsetting a little because I love Greens! My family knows this. Lol) But I did get to enjoy the Mac N’ Cheese with 4 different types of cheeses in there. And to top it off their Corn Bread! I love me some corn bread and theirs just gave soul food restaurants a great run for their money! Just saying, you all might want to step up your game because Chef Doug is not playing! Lol

If you have not had the chance to experience Pot Liquors you definitely should! Their Happy Hour is Monday – Friday from 3-6. And on Saturdays and Sundays you can taste their delicious brunch specials. Chef Doug sometimes even sneaks his way down there sometimes just for the brunch. You known it’s good when the chef comes in on his days off. Lol. With the all American feel to the restaurant you will definitely enjoy yourself. Its big, spacious, clean, and the food is superb! Located in Town Square right next to the AMC theatre, you should not just walk past this place. At least sit down for some ribs and cornbread. Lol
Myself and Mr. Black Tie would like to say thank you Chef Doug for allowing us to taste the perfection of your food. We had a great time there and can not wait to return!

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