One Must Be Of The Darkness To Be Part Of The Light …..

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I was drinking my cup of joe as always when a thought slowly slithered up my spine. We can try to get rid of the darkness, but none is as effective as simply increasing the light. I mean you could try to be up tight and argue with my thought, but take a really good thought about what I’m saying.

Kind of like the saying a Teacher can teach and open the door, but the student has to enter by his or herself. I would like to think that Inconspicuous, spiritual treasures such as self-respect, hope, wisdom, and compassion are the greatest fortune;
Without these, conspicuous wealth is trifling at best. But being wealthy would be fun! Still it’s just a thought as I said it came slithering up spine slowly. As well as this one too; It is easy to shield our bodies against poison arrows from without but it’s difficult to shield our minds against poisoned darts from within. Sorry I could go on about this stuff, but I think my caffeine rushed has ended. I hope my rambling does not bother you. Until next time stay focused, be well, keep flowing…

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