4983 W Flamingo Rd.

One cold night I was on the go for something warm and well something that would cure my craving for something sweet. Cheesy as it is, I found exactly that, Sweet Box! I had no idea that there was such a cool ass spot like Sweet Box in the area of Flamingo and Decatur! This spot reminds me a Coffee Shop around Austin, Texas I use to chill at before a photo shoot. It was like the most chill coffee shop I have ever been to! I love a quiet coffee shop. The music was on point as well as the Java Chip Chocolate I ordered! I’m not always about the loud and hipster coffee trends and spots. Those are way to noisy lol! I like my downtown spots and as people came in to order, they were polite and well as chill as the atmosphere! Perhaps it’s the entire environment the beautiful Blossom Tree and the plants helps! I felt like I was at a Zen Garden!
  By Freedom Mercado

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