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When I started this Project The Blogger I had no Idea that the world react to positive to the idea , the love they are giving my Column on the LasVegasRadioNewsPaper! Is Dopeness and well I’m glad they get it about where I am coming from about Blogging in the first place. I’m not like letting go of Coffee Grounds in print , not all , just going in new paths with The Blogger that all. Plus I more free range with The Blogger , which I have more of control on what i write about. Which you can check out at The Blogger site. It has its own look and style which reflects off of my other side of writing. I sometime just like to write about what I like and nothing else matters to me! Which I know Here Coffee Grounds has a path already set and has a course to take.

I’m a writer most def , don’t ever think I ever let go of being known as a Writer. Nah, My Soul and Spirit gets up lifted when I start putting my thoughts and opinion in print. I love to write on paper first , then edit it on computer and then let it out the world! Still I have to stay focused on what Coffee Grounds is and what it means to You. The Viewer’s and Readers as always I will never forget that. So Coffee Grounds will remain the same structure it has always been on The Caffeine Radio . That’s where it all truly started the up rise popularity of Coffee Grounds. So much is going on since the new management has taken over The Caffeine Radio! I’m excited to be back on air on The Caffeine Radio! Well I do hope this explain a little about what’s going with more of my Writing’s. Much Love and Respect Ladies and Gents!

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