So much has happen since , The Moment I decided to go back into the Publishing World a moment ago I decided to print a publication called The Open Letter . While at the time it was achievement for those with me who help to make this possible . The Art Community of Las Vegas had just lost a Tony Sheigh . A person who made such a profound mark of positivity on the Art District of Las Vegas! The Art Community will never be same , and due to that positivity , Many Artist’s as well as Programs of The Art Community became successful . I Love the Art District so much , I have return to the community where thus was my starting point! . I lived there as well thrived into the art world. I miss it to much not to have return, I do wish Tony would be around for the adventure! I have had the opportunity to have djed for him as well for those the Art Community and Zappos Family. While Though he is gone , but on a spiritual level i know he’s there just loving the Positive Vibes! Which I am hopping Coffee Grounds will have the same effect as many pick up The Zine.

I really wanted to do something on such a cool level of positive energy. Plus I love to write as much as I love to Dj , which is a whole different story lol !
I mean Djing at the official return of First Friday , it was a epic feeling. Seriously there been to many damn negative shit going down across the globe. To much hate and division among the people even the Art Community. It fucking suck , from protesting of Black Lives Matter to Trumpter’s on rage for gun right’s . None of it make sense to me , there needs to be some healing , and before that even had a chance to happen the covi virus thrust into attack mood. Yeah , then sadly the death of Tony Hsiegh . What the Bloody fuck dude ??? I was like wtf is next ?

Things would never be the same I could go into my personal life of nothing , but the what for ? there is no need , to much negativity already out there. I think I’m not the only one out there wanting something positive to feed off. Its been a moment at least for me , I began to do so when I begin to re direct my energy on positive projects and people! Thus things around me begin to change on a a positive level. Which I’m excited to express about this Publication Coffee Grounds , based on my Talk Radio Show on . Which is also Called Coffee Grounds , A Man’s Journey. Welcome to the Official Publication of Coffee Grounds dedicated to My World for the love of Arts and Coffee !! Basically its my adventures , my worries , thoughts and of course happiness ! Just like my Talk Radio Show enjoy , oh one more thingy , I ‘ve brought some friends along too! Much Love and Respect to everyone .

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