Achieving Life-Long Dreams from Journalism to Modeling

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I began a Adventure of becoming a Journalist long ago , which started way before the internet or cell phones lol . No Myspace , no Facebook , Just a world of Newspaper’s and Magazine’s ! A World where your had to know someone in the field of what you dreamed to Become part of. I knew even with educational and knowledge backgrounds.

One would still need someone connected and have some pull in the Industry of my choice. I knew I had to get connected with some people or someone of importance. But even then I knew deep with in my thought’s process. I figured for myself I needed to outsmart my competitors ( other’s with the same dream ). Don’t think your ever the only person with the dream of being successful. I know countless of photographer’s on the same level as my self or even in higher position than me lol.

The crazy part of making one’s dream a reality is understanding there are other’s with the same dream and goals. They might be going at it in different ways and taken another path. Still want to do the same , be in the same career and have the same goals ! it will come down to the who has the drive and hungy ! As well one shall have a starting point no matter what .

It starts with clearly defining what success means to you. It’s focusing on your goals and not giving up, no matter what. For Mother Theresa, it meant caring for the most destitute people that she could find. Athletes often define success by championships or personal objectives. A social activist might consider success a good campaign or a change of policy. Regardless of how you define it, you must take the time to decide what that looks like. How do you define success in your life? What is your goal for that next race or for that next meeting? How do you train your mind to focus on success?

Nina drive is driven and on such a professional level , her style and grace is going to take her far in the Fashion Industry ! Just a few of many reason’s why I know I’m not wasting my time as well she will be going futher than most of the Models I have meet in Vegas alone ! fashion by Nightmaretoys

Make a clear definition of what success will look like in that situation. It is then that you will know if you nailed it, or if you need to refocus and go back into training.

But what will it take to get there? If you are sitting on the couch, eating chips and seeing others succeed while you watch the latest entire season of this or that show, you will NOT get there. The key to success is to focus on making your dreams come true.

Niya killer of pose’s is not just a someday up coming professional model . She working on it constantly to become the next walkway sensation by seeking more knowledge in the Modeling Industry fashion by altrebel

Make a plan to get there and then take action to achieve it. Here’s how.

1. Create a plan.

This takes time. You cannot simply wing your way to success. I have seen folks who have had small victories accidentally – but real, lasting, and fulfilling accomplishment comes from achieving something that you have dreamed of for years.

Study how others have succeeded in a similar quest as yours.

Talk to others about your dream. In our modern world, we have access to multiple mediums to learn more about how to achieve success. Take advantage of those resources.

Observe others who are in the same quest. Think in small bites. Every bite comes with its own feeling of accomplishment, and with that comes motivation and hope.

Dezzy perfect chill look and style is one to watch as she is making moves in the world of fashion . I believe if she took the commercial and film field , she become known quickly in all wants to do ! Fashion by AltRebel

Work out as many details as you can think of. Study others who have aimed at the same thing and failed. What did they do wrong? Was there whole plan flawed from the beginning? Most likely, they had no plan so you are already ahead of them.

Think of physical and mental components to your target. Consider how this impacts your friends and family. It would be a real bummer to achieve your success and discover that you are all alone.

Once you have the details, give yourself deadlines by setting dates. Those dates need to be reasonable but challenging. The planning process is a time to push your mind.

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Consider possible obstacles and what you are going to do when they appear. Trust me: they will come. Decide now that you will face these with courage and optimism. You will NOT quit.

The key to success might be focus, but don’t forget to believe in your dreams. What will you do when unexpected events take place? Again, decide before you start that nothing will stop your success; nothing will stop you from believing.

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