Black Smoke (Mr. Black Tie and The Socialite DJ) Returns Once More To Fremont Street Experience Spinning Liquid Jazz at Fergusons DownTown!!

They have been going at this for a minute: Show casing their unique styles of Liquid Jazz throughout Sin City. From the beginning they’ve pushed this style, sneaking in a Liquid Jazz mix here and there lol! “I started doing well pushing Liquid Jazz a few years ago lol” Mr. Black Tie; But Vegas wasn’t on it for a good moment, “I Love Jazz, Horns, and Tribal beats, yet I’m a lover of Hip Hop and having Latin roots; So when one has all that in ones Spirit and Soul, and you end up producing, your music tends to have a lot of those qualities added in the mix, and sometimes even more styles, due to something you might’ve heard that you liked lol. So when you think about one of our choices of songs or production we have created; Well it’s very Liquid.. Very Jazzy lol” says Mr. Black Tie.

He started pushing Liquid Jazz at the legendary Arts Factory and truth be told it started on Coffee Grounds, his show which was on Caffeine Radio. Which became the official morning show for the Caffeine Radio listeners, which he played Liquid Jazz through out his show. When he and The Caffeine Radio crew got hired to rock out The Art’s Factory’s Bar and Bistro. Liquid Jazz caught on very quickly then. The owner at the time, Mr. West made Mr. Black Tie the Resident DJ, which lasted for over six months straight seven days a week lol. That was a long time for the newly up and coming. He wasn’t quite ready for the adventures of what it took to be a DJ on the Vegas Strip. Due to the popularity of EDM. the world wanted EDM DJ’s and of course those DJ’s who did Top 40 and pop music. So a lot of that style was spun at some of his other gigs, before Mr. Black Tie started getting truly noticed for his Liquid Jazz sets. He would spin with The Pied Piper and Brass Iridescence both was part of The Caffeine Radio Crew! They were the front runners for Caffeine Radio. No one was really talking to the Radio Personality Mr. Black Tie too serious due to the fact he was pushing those two for the DJ gigs at the time. Which was the deal breaker when both Djs quick K and went on their very. The Pied Piper went on to get married and do to other things as well did Brass Iridescence. Neither have recently been known to be DJing anywhere either well Mr. Black Tie wishies them both the very best. Mr. Black Tie went on forward with carrying the DJ dream now becoming more about himself carrying the note. Which is where The Socialite DJ comes into play. They met on the bus while Mr. Black Tie was going to a gig, they talked for a moment. That was a few years ago since these two have been at the DJing grind.

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