Coffee with Grampa (How It all started For Me)


Something my grandpa believed to this very day, “Things might not go your way, and she might hurt you and lie and cheat. But you have to remember only little girls make foolish choices and dumb moves. A Real Woman will fight and believe in you as long as you believe in her. dress

As Long as you fight for her even during the times she is ready to fight you. She might not understand your motives and choices. She might not like you at the time either boy.¬†Freedom Mercado you can be arrogant and straight out cold, yet your not perfect and you have a big heart. You give your all even when people spit on you and insult you, your still willing to be there for them. But remember when it comes to a real woman, she will be there for you in all ways, along as she knows you have her. As long as you are there for her even when she can’t see it. I know what’s in your blood, it’s always giving as much as you can give.”

My Grandfather was a beautiful man. I have been through a lot, and then some since I have made a choice to go deeper into this world of radio and DJing. I’ve always liked doing talk radio and DJing and having someone on my side. Someone special and I believe she is in my life right now. I can’t explain why or how she is the one. But no one effect my anger or smiles like she does. lol I can be ready to rip off necks and faces sadly to say (Most Marines will have the ability to do that) and Monet aka The Socialite DJ she will stand up to me and she will push my buttons and so on. When I’m wrong she will let me know and she has done things for me when my own family, flesh and blood abandoned me. I have her, how can I not trust her?1424884389539

And Yet sometimes I let my fears and hurt of the past to over rule my life. I don’t want to live in the darkness, she is soo beautiful inside. She is powerful as well not allowing me to see hurt, and sometimes she lashes out on me. I will take it and keep her safe and strong for when I fall to my knees she will rise and do what must be done. Sounds simple right? Have you ever been in love with a strong black woman??? lol She will love you when you least expect it, she will take your lashing of the tongue and smile right back at you give it out in the worst way.woman

She might not say anything, she will suffer hunger just to let you eat, she will do things without your knowledge and say nothing and keep pushing forward. The moment she senses your giving up, she will lack your spirit and she will lose direction. She’s waiting for you to figure it out, sometimes she will never let you know how much she is hurting from lost of her self interest. But if you keep the path and keep pushing and when she is finally giving up, you reach out and say “I WILL LOVE YOU WHEN YOU CAN’T OR SIMPLY DON’T HAVE NO LOVE TO GIVE BACK” and mean it. While everyone thinks it’s over between you to two, and when those who doubted and said all the bullshit. When they think its all over. Watch her sail straight ahead.queenandking

I know I am an asshole and sometimes the biggest prick ever. But I made a promise to Monet aka The Socialite DJ that I would love her and be there for her. That means I have to lead and push, and keep pushing for her. I wont be here for her on this planet one day. But when I’m done with her she will know what it means to be loved completely and then some. She don’t think I don’t trust her, it not her I worry about, its those around her, those who are nothing but wasted air.fem

I will forever be her black night. I made a promise on both sides of the coin. So yeah, I know the possibilities of never having her in my arms or that smile, but at least I kept my word and to those dudes who are saying they are like this, and understands this means she might not ever touch you again, sleep with you, do anything you want in life. Yet you keep loving her and pushing forward. This isn’t for those women who loves some nigga who is cheating on her, this isn’t for those little girls who are just smoking and chilling with some dude, talking shit and just nothing but fucking around. I’m talking to real men and women who love and share dreams and thoughts. As one person just told me “I don’t have to tell you I’m in pain, sorta like a b-day. Only a few or maybe one person might truly celebrate your birthday. Some will just because its just an excuse to party. Just imagine a party with nothing but maybe a cake and few friends or just family.1429608037381 No drinks, no music. Who was there who will be there? Yeah you can have a beautiful woman at your side with no money, no house, nothing but a Dream? I’m blessed to have someone like Monet she is everything and more. Everyday we fight. I LEARN… and understand a lot more about loving someone completely and being totally open. I will say this, I now know who are plotting and saying so much crap about me and her. I wont make it easy for anyone to rip us apart on any level. It took me a long time to figure things out. Besides the business part. I get it gramps, Thank You.

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