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When I began Djing and Talk Radio I had some really crazy moment’s of both sides of the coins.I was never convince about being just a Dj or a Radio Personality . I just assumed being both came with the choices I made. But I never stopped being a writer of sorts , i just needed to figure what was what for what i was doing. Most of you know I am a photojournalist gone blogger( wtf right ????) .

But Times have changed as well has the Media Industry. My Djing Personality thoughts and Approaches are merge’s of science and art fused into harmony of sounds and rhythm to beats.I have I always love Djing from the moment My GrandFather helped me get my first Turntable set . I was put into a trance formation . Sorta like sucked into a vortex . No Understood me where I as coming from , well except other Djs.

Such as the topic for the DJ hardware market has grown exponentially in recent years; people are now able to choose a controller which fits their budget, their workflow, and their choice of software. Which includes one style to his or her Image as well.

Im Frequently Asked Questions About DJing General DJ Knowledge What is a DJ? In the traditional sense, a DJ (short for disc jockey) is a person who actively plays prerecorded music for an audience. This audience might be dancers at a party, patrons at a nightclub, or listeners of a radio show.Which if Your Smart do all of above and more if able too. Which one can call themselves Radio Djs Personalities.

There are many different kinds of Radio Personality DJs, and many different reasons for those DJs to exist. For me its getting serious about what I want to be known for : What kind of DJ am I interested in becoming or better will known for ? Do I want to be known as just a club Dj ?

Each club has a different feel, reputation, and audience… which also means that clubs vary in what they expect from their musical selection. Typically, the job of the resident DJ at a night club is to maintain a moving dance floor. Often, club DJs will perform long blends (transitions) between songs, or some other trickery to keep people’s feet moving. I have to be known for something. That’s one the secrets of being a Successful Dj. I Love Spinning all styles of Music. But have a good rep of being the front lines and in some ways the Founder of Liquid Jazz.

I believe this style of a dj DJ must know how to ramp the energy up and down, and  maintain a balance between an active dance floor, and a busy bar. Keep people smiling and having a good time. Being a Radio Personality Dj well People go to see this DJ because of who they are, their reputation, and what people think they can do behind the decks and thanks to their Personality as well. Their mixes are displays of raw skill, impressive tricks, and clever transitions and Image.

Mr.BlackTie is a My Dj Radio Personality who has an on-air position in radio broadcasting , My alter go. A Branding of sorts , being known thanks to my Show Coffee Grounds. He Mr.BlackTie is up front witty and care free than myself. He is also very, very out spoken. Love Music, tribal , progressive house to chill deep harmonic drums.

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