Freedom Mercado, Becoming More Than WORDS …

I’m consumed with words Blasting Syllables swiftly through thought’s of Pitt falls of verbs. I’m sure many of you will think of my thoughts of empty nouns. Maybe worst just whispers of silent quiver’s tingling my desire of want’s to just stop. To look at my reflections , and stare at my shadows and see that my life is just that. Shallow in the light where everyone only see’s the empty vassal of my words. I have always been one of those instead of the wannabes.

My thirst for a creative journalism started long, long, ago on the countryside of

Louisiana.Where I began to professionally write for local News Letters and Newspapers. I was into the surround system of Journalism and Photography.It was my hungry for profound desires to have people read and see what I captured on film and print. What shared among those who drench into Newspapers and books.Before the Internet and what we call Social Media.People talked and listen, shared thoughts and opinions.Yeah back in the days where there was cold hard facts. News was News and Reporter’s where respected by their reports. So long ago, lol I has also was caught in the words of expression’s. Thrown into the World of Photo Journalism as well too.

I myself felled into the depths of Creative Writing , creating my own very column called Coffee Grounds. That Column stayed with me at the age of 16. It thrust’d into a talk radio show in my early 20s.All of a sudden it was on the local radio station in the town I lived in.I was now in the world of talk radio,I loved every minute of it. I still do , with all the unique people i have meet through out the years. I would of never meet most of them If I had been doing anything else. I have to admit I have not written much of late that was about me. It’s just work and shit,and well that’s needs to change.

I’m still going to be blogging about other shit ,Like Fashion ,People, Food etc.But right now here and now I’m writing for me ,myself and I! In truth I have not done so for such a long time. It’s about time I get back into what I do. Reason Why I have brought back Coffee Grounds on the Air.

I have begun the same journey I started long ago , thinking that it wasn’t Important to myself. Well my Spirit , and Soul is pushing me forward to do so. Whom am I but not to listen to my inner strength ?

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