In Thinking…

I seem to be wanting to do things or better yet say things simple today. I don’t want to go into such harsh details of why i think my life sucks for the moment. In other words I don’t want to simply bitch just to bitch.


I see now that I do have many friends on here and in so ummm i think it’s; time to see who relates to my sort of  thought process. To a great extent, the people whom I have chosen to associate influence the direction of my life. Which I must thank for all the enlightenment, due to their thoughts and beliefs. I have become stronger within myself. I think and behave within my boundaries of beliefs. Which to many might think Omg someone save that poor lad! But I have figured out or better see that the key is to fulfilling my potential without any kind of limitations.
I know understand me, my desires are the same for me as my will power to move forward. From my sexuality to spirituality. I know now that If i master my beliefs I master my mind.


I have learn so much about myself , especially my weakness. Which is just going off the freaking mouth and ripping whom ever walks into my path. Yet I have learn much from my friends on here, Leica Smiley Witt, Goddess Trudy Evan, JoJo Meadows, Haze Dead Vegas. These are just some of the people who have been through my madness and seen the crazed ass Brit going off on the world. Actually Jeannie En gel Paparone is someone new who; i have brought to my world she is making me healthier in body.

Which makes me more fit in the mind and spirit which makes me stronger in the soul as well. I have lost two really good people on here friends such as Misty Gaddy and Rochell Robson, two awesome ladies, and well nothing i can bloody do about it now. I See now the two sides of the coin ,which can be distinct yet inseparable, my live has a physical, tangible dimension and spiritual, which is a intangible one.

For me it is, many might say we differentiate between body and and mind. But logically look deep into it all it’s fundamental level, the Mind, Body, Soul, Heart and Spirit are inseparable. For those who might be shocked to see me writing this, let me simple it for you, if your in need of more than fucking someone, start holding his or hands it’s a bloody start. If your in a emotional stats with him or her, make it a physical one, making love to just fucking, you choose. It’s not fair for one to get one while the other isn’t getting anything out of it.


Women you are really good at doing this to men. lol I know, enough is enough. There need to be a balance. Danielle too sassy figure it out, I don’t want to go over this anymore i love you. I need balance! I always believed one should develop a broad compassion that reaches beyond your surroundings and extends to those you care about. My mother taught me to believe in noble men and women and learn from them. I also believe in wisdom of other’s but when can learn from within i believe one is enlightened. To open ones mind is to simply think of possibilities. So this is where i stand and believe in… This is where I go and move forward. Much love to everyone.

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