It’s About The Little Steps ..

Outreach Vocal is a non-profit organization that was founded by Cornelius Lott. Outreach Vocal started off as just an idea of Lott’s. He put together quite the staff team of successful and creative people. But still wasn’t getting the response that he had hoped for. After a while of Outreach Vocal not getting  anywhere he went to Freedom Mercado (aka Mr. Black Tie)

as he was known for helping friends and family with ideas on their businesses. As he talked with Freedom, many conversations were had about what he was wanting to do and what he has been doing to what has been done. After Freedom took a look at everything he immediately noticed some very important aspects had not been handled. Outreach Vocal as a non profit organization didn’t have a logo, nor a website. At a second glance he noticed that they were no where on social media.

Mr. Black Tie went and brought in people he knew and trusted to help with this project. He first brought on The Socialite DJ to build Outreach Vocal’s website.

While she was working on this Mr. Black Tie got started on Outreach Vocal’s Facebook and social media presence. As the ball got rolling on these he then brought in his graphic designer master friend who is incredible at logo’s and is also the founder of Rebrand to design a logo for Outreach Vocal. 

Now they were ready to start working and progressing in their mission. It only took a week or two to get Outreach Vocal on a — solid foundation with a social media platform to start with on Facebook! Website simple yet complex an easy to upload and skim through. The foundation is done exceptionally well by The Socialite DJ and logo giving Outreach Vocal the and habit it needed by Rebrand. 

Once that was done everything was completed and Coffee Grounds Inc gaved a Outreach Vocal a starting point  a by setting up its first event with this restaurant Ocha! 

Yes we do marketing and websites too! It’s what we do, Coffee Grounds Inc just do design and do marketing but help make one’s company finds its path! I try to do the very best of what I have knowledge in, and if have the I cant figure it out. I make sure I have the people to go to.

Much Love and Respect

-Mr. Black Tie

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