London Suits Company Las Vegas Dressing up DJ’s and Setting the Dress Code For 2019


Being an elegant DJ wasn’t easy for Mr.BlackTie. He had no idea how to be that. even though his DJing style has been called that. Plus being known as Mr. Black Tie helps. LOL but becoming that DJ truly meant looking the part as well.” I think people loved my name as well as my liquid jazz, but I didn’t play the image quit right.” -Mr. Black Tie

Until London suits step in! their suit selection is pretty simple. Four styles for the gent of fashion. Slim. is just one of the styles one must for men’s fashion, for those who are into the narrow cut without much excess fabric leading into a tighter fit that both looks more modern then regular fit suits in addition to flattering the wearer’s body., for those who are into the Modern fit, which falls between two, it’s not to boxy, but it has more room than a slim fit. But for those who are into the classic look, it’s comfortable and easy to wear. Its cut generously through the chest and waist, which means less construction for you, but still maintains a clean body shape.

Last, but not least the Tux, is a formal attire for men including a dinner jacket and matching pants, is more popular for those special occasions, Mr. Black Tie haven’t dare to go there yet. lol But He must admit, since meeting his image consultant Fabiola. she has given the look that seems to fit the image of Mr. Black Tie! oh they have recently added Alterations in house department same day work!! they offer slim fit and, skinny as well.

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