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IMG_20180211_134536In the Cotton world trust is Cotton USA. Due to Cotton International Council ( CCI is an international export promotion arm of the national Cotton Council of America ( NCC). They also say this is becoming a fact of facts due to studies in 2017 show the Cotton USA trade mark and well recognized brand awarness worldwide. 50 percent among a target of 25 to 50 year old women and men! World Wide studies every 1 to 2 years include Global lifestyle monitor on consumer attitudes to behavior and consumer bench marking study. I had no idea this much work went into getting the right cotton for the right product, and that it was so intense! But I guess this is why Cotton USA is one of the very best! From what I know right now, CCI developed the Cotton USA Mark to distinguished U.S. cotton products at retail. Mills, Manufactures, wholesalers, sourcing companies, retailers and brands can benefit as Cotton USA licensees by labeling their products with their brand. Since 1989 more than 51,000 product lines and 3.8 billion products have proudly carried the name Cotton USA! Cotton USA also excels at connecting buyers and sellers along the entire supply chain through it’s Cotton USA Sourcing programs! Want to know more about Cotton USA please go here

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