Mr. Black Tie visits Nick Graham at Mrket

1424286595104 He’s one of the most celebrated designers for Men’s wear, starting with men’s underwear. Nick Graham creator of Joe Boxer, is also winner of numerous awards amongst the fashion community and industry.
Mr. Graham being a true fashion gentleman gave not just myself advice and insights to the new season of high fashion styles for men of color, but also to my upcoming fashion editor Randy Washington. We learned about Post Prep. The movement are of many styles but still can be combined as one. Business attires are becoming fun for men of all ethnic culture with colors and patterns. Nick Graham says, “Go fresh and forth thinking”. Already known for his variety of unique designs.
Nick Graham has succeed in making high end look accessible to the common man. Such as artists and DJ’s like myself. LOL. Whether you’re headed for an audition or a set gig to spin at Nick Graham designs you can’t go wrong with. 1424286620662Mr. Graham sharply noted to me about his personal collection of ties which brilliantly holds paisley, polka, and plaid designs. However his neck wear Design are new to me though; and I’m loving everyone of them so far. His neck wear and designs are unique patterns from the front to the tail, they can be solid or stripes. Nick says fashion shirts and ties are usually being sold together as sets, but you should sometimes mix them with other shirts and tie sets.1424286657763
There are different designs for different seasons; For instance the spring line sports vibrant and pastels of solid colors, and Goldman ties while the fall line has duller tones of grey, greens, browns, reds, and blacks. Which sometimes can be mixed with black and white combos. As well as the printed dress shirts. “You can utilize every print imaginable from jackets to the neck wear from just this insight” Mr. Nick Graham the master of fashion says. As you can see the legend continues of Nick Graham. Dress Well!
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