Public Us Las Vegas

1126 Fremont St.

Public Us (pub-li-cus) is a canteen-style, neighborhood restaurant and coffee bar located in the Fremont East District of Downtown Las Vegas. Is a certainly making its name known as the neighborhood place to go grab a good cup of Coffee as well somewhere to just hang with a few friends! I have had the opportunity to not just sip on some good coffee, but have the pleasures to have taste Public Us Waffles and Ice Cream. I was DJing on Fathers Day at Down Town Ferguson. I was like Omg! This isn’t real, could anything be this damn good? Public Us is a place I only go to with very important peeps of mine lol. SERIOUSLY, I only take my close friends or associates that are close to me. I don’t want just everyone hanging out at my special place. It’s the place of coffee admires and those who have time to enjoy a moment conversation!

By -Freedom Mercado

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