Seven Eleven “Long Live The King of Joes”

Seven Eleven has become the King of Joes for one major reason, well several ones actually! They’re completely open 24/7! What other Coffee place can you make a run to and is still open? Second reason, umm they variety of Coffee they have! Seriously, have you been to anyone Seven Eleven? Their Brazilian Dark Roast is to die for. (I prefer no sugar with mine) But on an early morning to work a quick stop to a Seven Eleven does the trick. I grab me some Exclusive Blends, which I think has some crisp hints of vanilla! I know of a few of my coffee admires prefer the Hazel Nut! I’m not going to go into any more that just a few more things. Such as their price for coffee! No where your going to beat their prices! I’m very serious on this as well on their services as well! I love the Services as well. ( At least my spot’s they are Dope as F%#K!) There a couple of em’, but you can’t beat the one on Sahara and Jones. My top pick spot. They give love to their peeps! My morning crew is the very best, none come close to them! Running second though is Sahara and Paradise. They’re cool, but I don like the Coffee Set up. They are as creative and open friendly to us coffee joes. But they do good services.

Until My Next Journey!

Freedom Mercado

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