The Blogger ”For I am “

I Love to Write,Talk Radio,and to share other’s Knowledge , skill’s as well their talents to other’s who like to Read , Listen, View or all of the above!

I’m really blessed to be a Radio Personality Dj. I’m also about streaming and broadcasting high quality live events over the internet when giving the opportunity.

I just didn’t get to learn about it , but had also got to Experience seeing Live Broadcasting and Streaming. Live in the moment and seeing it how it was Professionally done with high quality Productions.

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Yet when I am approached by people about marketing , which is constantly Sometimes you just need to review what people are saying , like when someone reaches out to you says ”I can help you market your company or brand” ( Yet You never heard of him or her ?? ) I don’t even know why they even try?

It’s like umm You heard about me do to my work and marketing skills

.Now you want to leech of of my hard work? Nah Im good lol. I have to admit though.I have learn a huge amount of new knowledge going to the latest Nab Show! But I just don’t want to just write about it .I hope my actions and production will show case it! Until Next Blog!

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