Freedom Mercado of Coffee Grounds Goes for Magical Brew at Bad Owl Coffee Downtown Las Vegas and Goes off about Social Media !!! ( LoL)

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It’s been a crazy weekend , Super Bowl weekend Hollywood commercials that I truly did not understand any of them at all !!! Did anyone ?? It must be one of those things you gotta be part of the Hollywood life style to get !! But beside that I have been making really big moves in my little world of photo shoots and productions. But before I get into that and rant , rant and more rant lol. I was I had the opportunity to chill at my new found coffee spot.

I was in need of a moment to chill and read ..and of course drink some good coffee, Which Bad Owl Has plenty of, such The Dark Enchanter – Espresso Blend house espresso blend. Always balanced fresh by itself or with milk. ORIGIN: Brazil, Nicaragua, Uganda Nuances: Dark Chocolate, Dark Berry, Raspberry, Brown Sugar BODY: Smooth … My Favorite was the Sweet Venom , everything is name in the themed of Harry Porter! Which I loved to watch or read the books. My Choice of locations is the Downtown location, tuck in the corner of a Business and Networking Industry building ( Bank of Amercia ). There are more tasty Brewing going there as I said mine of choice .The Sweet Venom Brazil Nuances: Dark chocolate, Jasmine, Maple BODY: Full & Syrupy. I really love Sweet Venom , I such a Slithering lol! But perhaps once week I will drop and taste something new while reading a good book.

So much to do and get ready for , a’lot is happening within my world.Like the new studio location and the return of Fashion Radio and of course my very show Coffee Grounds! The Journey has been a Long one , a’lot foot work and well on my own.I have had moment’s where I was just ready to walk away from it all. Seriously I had been through serious heart breaking shit,let downs.I did’nt many people at my side when things was needed to get done. I was pretty mostly and remotely on my freaking own. I had people leaving my side left and right.I only wanted to produce and write , have some great photo shoots and even have a few photo shoots as well since I and a pretty good photographer.Ladies and Gents the struggle is pretty damn real out there! When one is on the path of Success it gets pretty damn narrow. Yet in some ways I’m glad it happen now before at this moment in my turning point. I can only look for forward to my future for myself,my show Coffee Grounds. I’m excited to be at the new location. Comuna Co-working Space . For The Fashion Radio Station which my show is part of once more. There is a’lot to still get done and get pushing into reality that are still just part of the dream I have. I’m excited to say that I few people who are with me on these plans for the future my up coming projects. The Fashion Radio will be the home of up coming Podcasting stars and Fashion Editors including Photographers and Model Personalities. But you have to go to Fashion Radio to see whats going over there.Coffee Grounds is going to be on Fashion Radio seven days a week becoming the official morning show of Fashion Radio!

Comuna co working space is the perfect location for everything that is happening around me. Pocasters will have several spots to set up there shows! Several locations to shoo their shows! Ideal for Fashion Radio as well to be live on the Air Waves. The space for those who will do their show from the studio. Will have plenty of space to create and work out projects. One of the projects I have begun to do at the studio is starting to shoot Photo shoots and filming. I have begun to shoot Fellow Bloggers , Radio Personalities and Film Maker’s to Chefs.

Coffee Grounds is about my journey and me sharing it to other’s. I also will be doing my blogs as well. As for now though I’m just dealing with social media as well. I’m doing well as could be on instagram over ten thousand !!! and yet on youtube ughhhh lol . Facebook extremely well though too ! Still I’m trying to figure all this social media crap out everyday and night !