One day while on one of my journeys, I had the opportunity to walk into not just a cool ass spot for Coffee drinkers, but a place of family tradition and masters of brewing Italians’ finest Coffee! I just couldn’t believe, this would even take place in the lower parts of downtown Los Angeles! I had no idea what my taste buds were in for, nor did I have the opportunity to spread the word of Pasquini Coffee! The shocking part, many Coffee lovers from across the globe already knew about the Master of Italian Coffee! See I found out that the Pasquini Coffee Company is a family owned and operated business based in Downtown Los Angeles.

(This  has been happening since 1957; They have continued to specialize in the retail and service of commercial and home espresso machines, as well as hand roasting their own line of Coffees. Which I have to say omg! I have never taste such richly flavors! The founder Ambrose Pasquini opened one of Los Angeles first espresso bars in 1957. Moka D’Oro was Pasquini’s way of bringing a piece of his homeland with him to California. Over time, both his café and the espresso machine he used garnered much attention from locals. Popular restaurants and hotels started inquiring after the machine used to make the espresso and foamed milk. With a growing demand for these high-powered espresso makers, he collaborated with Faema to broker deals with his clients to provide and service their new espresso machines. 
While furthering his success with importing, Pasquini continued to keep the espresso culture alive locally. After the success of Moka D’Oro, he later opened his first restaurant Via Veneto and then in the 1960’s opened his first namesake café in the St. Vincent Court.  Located in Downtown Los Angeles within the famous Bullock’s department store this was truly the first place that Angelinos could experience espresso in the true Italian fashion. It makes all the sense if you think about it lol. I can’t believe I haven’t heard or knew about this spot or about the coffee gold mine that laid hidden Downtown Los Angeles ! I have to say this was a Journey that was worth it! – Freedom Mercado

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