The Only Thing Shallow About Me Is This Cup of Coffee, and it Needs More Cream…

To be shallow is to not have depth, or as one would put it.  Not have any depth in acceptance of anyone beyond personal looks, attraction, and  to be superficial.

I catch myself sometimes thinking that I am shallow, although I know I’m not, really.   I do project that I have an attraction to women with hard bodies, and women who are fit.  Although, mainly it’s those types of women that find me attractive.  I remember once a friend mentioned something to me, and it was about my ex-girlfriend .  She said when she met her , after I left her.  ”Wow! She is hot, and very attractive.”  Yes, Nicolette is attractive, tall, with a great body.  She wasn’t particularly beefy, or muscular with big thighs or solid abs, but she was fit, and she had a great body.

 I also was a little upset by that remark because I felt almost hurt by it.  Thoughts went through my head and I thought:  Why wouldn’t I attract a Beautiful , attractive woman?  Is there something about me that didn’t seem to have that ability?  I actually attracted many women who were Beautiful and attractive with good, and half decent bodies.  Athletes and some Women who Strippers.  So, why would she say that.  All of her friends found me attractive and would tell her that, and they treated me very respectfully, and adored me.  

She had very good looking fit friends as well, who were all athletes, skiers, snow boarders, cyclists, hikers, etc.  She was from Chicago.  It was the life they led.  Most of their parents seemed very shallow, and all their girlfriends were dimes with either blonde hair, and perfect bodies, but they thought I was hot in my way , and I was about the same shape I am now, and definitely not a “dime”.  What makes a person shallow, and how do we explain ‘shallowness’?

I define someone who is shallow as a person who only sees the outside of someone.  The hair, makeup, clothes, and body.  That there isn’t anything else that matters, but those physical attributes.  Under no circumstance would they date or be seen with anyone but someone who fits their exact ‘perfect’ woman/man’s physical appearance.

Most people may appear shallow, and when my friend said that about my ex. I thought she was being shallow.  The appearance of perhaps being shallow would be that a person just has developed taste and knows what they are now attracted to, and perhaps they have raised the “bar”.  Raising the bar has it’s critical moments as well.  Raising the bar means that a woman has just decided she will not settle anymore, and accept the bottom dweller/feeder.  The rats in the cellar.  That actually she has worth, and wants what she wants.  If she is attracting healthy, fit men, then so bet it.  I would imagine it has to do with confidence, personality, passion, and dedication.  Especially if she’s not what one would think in societal standards as a ‘dime’, or ‘perfect’ in the physical appearance of things.

I believe I’m not shallow.  I just attract who I attract.  I also am wanting a better, healthier, and more attractive body.  Not to attract a particular woman, or type of woman, or even to be what society would consider a “dime”.  I’m doing it for me, for my health, and wellness, and my own personal acceptance.  To bring me back to when I was an athlete, before ‘let it all go’.

It is quite normal for women to be attracted to muscles, brawn, before brains as it’s attractiveness is: security, strength, testosterone, pleasure, and warmth.  It has been proven that a man of brawn, was able to carry out the physical jobs of a relationship.  Due to women and men changing roles and sharing responsibilities in the relationship, it has been known to change the gender roles and change how we are attracted to the opposite sex.   Naturally, I attract women immediately because of my Drive, and Mind, as I appear more driven with my Career and have what women straight out say to me “Sexy Ass Mind , and that makes healthy and strong babies.  Which doesn’t have anything to do with being shallow, because it’s the natural response to male and female attraction.  A woman should be able to make strong, healthy, babies, and a man be able to handle physical jobs within the relationship.

No, I’m not shallow.  I’m just responsive to what I find attractive, and yes, sometimes it is the Hips and Breast but it’s also the intelligence as well, and the spirit, and the soul.  I’m also attracted to women who can lift me Spiritually , or have the Heart to be able to lift me with I am Down.  Weird that I’ve not yet had a solid relationship with a woman who has, but did have amazing great sex with them. My Last Relationship was Based on lie’s from her. Sometime’s you find out that your not just what she wants. No Matter who much love her.

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