The Other side of the Story he said and she said ……


Just as the two sides of the coin as distinct yet inseparable, our lives have a physical, tangible dimension and a spiritual, intangible one. We may differentiate between body and mind, but at their most fundamental level, they are inseparable. Sometimes I wonder did I do the right things to get where I’m at? Should I or could I have done it another way? The answer is simply of course I could of. Would I have been HAPPY? I don’t know, have no concept of what could of been. I thought being on the course of let go of whatever holds you back.
But what if it’s your children, or husband, or wife; Then what? I was once told A person writing at night may put out the lamp, but the words he or she has written will remain on the paper. It is the same with the destiny we create for ourselves in the this world. Now I understand the saying the closer you stand to the light house the darker it gets. One thing i understand now is that there has never been, nor will there ever be, a life free from problems. It is not the presence of problems but how we tackle the quality of our lives. Hmmmm i guess it’s true to those who maintain a clear sense of purpose in life are strengthen by hardship. Until next time ladies and gents… be well… keep focus…

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