To Be Like or Not

I’m only but a Writer, Not abig time Arthur , I don’t have a best selling book ( Not Yet ). I have begun to write though.I have notice how people take sides.When oneself stand’s for just being to him or herself. One only has to close his or her eyes.People choose to who they like for many reasons. I’m just trying to get people to like my show lol. I want People to like what I have created. Which I have created Fashion Radio my online radio station. I now have a few other people. Who believe in expression , music , creativity , thoughts , and more…

I never dreamed this would this hard or well complicated at most times. I have been through hard times and I am sure more is to come.I not being over dramatic. just seeing how my path hasn’t been smooth one. Yet I have been able to push forward and keep a certain pace.

My dream is becoming more of a reality thanks to certain people in my life. Who are able to do more than just stay on the same path.But also able push harder forward on that same path.Yet go at it in their own pace. Together we are moving onward into a pattern of Creativity and Harmony.

Which One can’t deny such a dream is possible.One can only see for his or her eyes ans see what is or better yet what is becoming a Reality.

I have been blessed to have a few who not lied to me or kept hidden agendas from me.Its crazy Ladies and Gents how much one person can lie or cause heartbreaks to chaos! I just want to produce a successful Radio Station that will allow up coming Radio Personalities and up start Djs. The Opportunity to become than just some body, but able to become a voice.

Fashion Radio will be a vessel , no better yet it is a vessel for those who create , write , sing , talk , who dare to live with positive vibrations.

Fashion Radio is going to be a beacon for many. For those love to dance, to those those who love to listen poetry.

Everything new is coming forth quicker than I ever expected. New Shows , New Looks , New Goals, New Path. So having these new Djs and Radio Personalities. I’m excited , very much so .Beside that having some familiar ones back with new attitude is exciting too !

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