What Every Blogger , Radio Personality are learning at The Last NAB Show!

When My Uncle Peter gave me my first 35 M Cannon. I feel in Love with Photo Journalism. I began to Learn about the Dark Room and Photo Editorials. I have to admit though things have changed since blogging emerged into the online World. I was asked once do I worry about Radio Personalities or Writers in my field.

I laughed and said Bro have you ever been to the NabShow? It’s The National Association of Broadcasters and every one of Importance who writes.

Does Photography to Blogging of any kind of level is there! Seriously One should be there either learning or covering or doing both. For those who want to take there writing career to the next level. This is the best way to start in the field of what If this is what you always had a desire to do!

I began to Publish my very own Newsletter Called Freedom Message. It was a Four Page Black and White booklet. I was blessed to publish 500 hundred copies.I did this for about a Year or so. As this went down in my life , I also had the opportunity to get on the Radio. I began a Talk Radio show called Coffee Grounds.

It grew in Popularity but that’s a entire different story lol. This Story is about how one event called The Nab Show change everything I thought I knew about Photo Journalism and Radio. Which is now called Blogging and Podcasting lol. Online Radio stations , Blogs , and Vlog’s or better yet . What ever your into or what to call it . Its all has change on a global scale. The Internet has change everything in the Media world.

Social Media is one the Major keys to be Successful in the Media Industry. Which My world was Blind side with the new world of Social Media . I knew nothing , I’m like WTf is this ??? But now anyone could start their own website, Facebook is giving those who didn’t have a voice,the ability.

The Nab Show gave me insight how to Improve my dealings with dealings Audio and Studio Productions. Which has changed my outlook with everything I’m Pursuing in my Career Live Choices. Whatever you may have chosen Blogging, Photojournalism, perhaps Photography? Or Maybe Radio Personality? May more simply its all above and more lol! The Nab Show is a great venue for anyone who is ready to change and level up ones career!

There is so much to learn and cover as well if you get the opportunity ! I myself do both , which helps in what I do ! My Production has gone to a new Level of Performance ! It shows in my Writings as well in Videos too ! I have pick up so much knowledge and Support. The best Part is that we have recently pick our very first Sponsor from The Nab Show itself ! Deity microphones ! As I said before a lot of things have happen .I have had a lot happen since my first Nab Show!I have Companies who Believe in the Cause!

Wooden spoon with roasted coffee beans on blurred background

Go to The Nab Show if your giving or blessed with the Opportunity to do so! As You get to witness my Next Issue of Coffee Grounds , You see the or better here the Difference of the first interview of shape to the next interview !

I need to thank Lowe’s Improvement for the Support That AWP Back Pack is Dopeness !! As well much love to London’s Suits ! , Fabi you me look soooo good! Much love to daft Junkies your choice in hats are off the chain !! And to Deity ..yeah you have help me change the level of performance for my viewer’s ! I have to give some Serious love to Shape , They have giving so much love to me , allowing me to not interview some of the very best

Thank You so much and to the very cool Ladies and Gents of The Nab Show !! Much love and Respect! Until Next Blog!

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