I’m really not even coming close to understanding all this double talk about doing something, but then we don’t end up doing anything. I’m like are we people of God? People of Peace? People of Good Vibes and Energy? I mean really what’s what? I don’t understand how are allowing this to happen as the people of today’s society. Are we not civil? Understanding human beings? I’m seriously confused and have no true words to see what I am seeing or hearing

. I’m just thinking how anyone would take advantage of such a tragic situation. People we vote for these people be in power and we are letting them just get away with this? We have go to the root of the it all people. The Government needs to take back through votes and more votes, get the right people in the place of Power.

Something needs to be done, where do the victims get helped? when did the victims began to be the problem? People in Power is there for a reason, the people, even at some times the people make mistakes lol, that can be handle and should be! I’m just a Chef, Blogger, Photographer, nothing more , nothing less , but I do know whats wrong and whats right. Damn how long are we as a people for the people will allow such madness as moderen salvery , pollitics lies and well let the Goverment keep making choaitc life choices for the people ?

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