Basic Photography can just be as powerful as one of a Kind Photos! All the Photographer has to do is just have the right Photo tell a Story. Photography with the right concept can showcase any Story from silly to deep emotional Photo Shoots. Blogger’s are becoming Masters of Storytelling with single shots to video. Some Blogger’s are making traditional Journalistic Story telling more Artistic and Creative. Bloggers

are making story telling more exciting and well desirable to readers. Journalism at the starting point was just writing the facts of a situation .Bloggers change that drastically on such a high level. That News and Publishing Companies are demanding their Writers to step up their game lol. Even Crazier than that, some traditional News and Publishing Companies are hiring.

Bloggers are replacing the old columns and traditional writers. Blogger’s are changing the Industry of Media on so many levels. A Successful Blogger must be able to have the creative ability of Originality. Yet still be able to Collaborate Creativity and Journalistic in combination of both. Which The Readers are entertain and desires the Story the Blogger is showcasing.

Another thing a Blogger can do that Traditional Writers are not able to do.  Blogger’s have a way to draw readers into ones website. Successful Bloggers are serious about Marketing and Socializing. Any Company that has the needs for a website should hire a Blogger, just for the content a Blogger can bring to one’s website. A company with the right Blogger can get google to recognize your website on the internet. As well have your clientele wanting to come to your company website.

 Social Media Agency and Firms are always saying what they can do for you. Bloggers like myself, showcase our work. We have the skills and talent to create Blogs that are  seek out by the People , and given a pacific assignment can do with ease as well. Until Next Blog

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