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As President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office today, he begins an aggressive agenda as president, including a number of executive orders aimed at getting the COVID-19 pandemic under control.

One is a national mask mandate on federal property and on airlines, trains and other public transit systems. 

Another executive order Wednesday will create an office of White House COVID-19 response, headed by Jeffrey Zients, the new coronavirus czar, according to The Wall Street Journal. Goals include securing more protective equipment for workers, increasing testing and vaccinations, and reopening schools.

One question I have is , is it going to be any different than what President Trump did ?

Biden takes office as the U.S. reports over 24 million cases of COVID-19 and over 400,000 deaths. 

President Donald Trump left the White House on Wednesday morning citing, among his accomplishments, the development of a coronavirus vaccine in record time. But the federal government has fallen short of its goal when it has come to getting vaccines in arms.

Operation Warp Speed officials said 20 million doses would be delivered by the end of 2020. As of Tuesday, 31,161,075 doses had been distributed and 15,707,588 had been administered, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Doses have been held back as each of the vaccines needs a second, booster shot. But last week during his last Operation Warp Speed briefing, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said no doses would be held in reserve. Rather, there was enough of a supply that all of the doses could be given, and more would be available for that second dose 21-to-28-days later, he said.

However, last week Azar told NBC News’ Lester Holt there was no reserve of the coronavirus vaccine in a federal stockpile. Well whatever happen from this point , It will be in the control of President Biden now !

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